Although I've been married for nearly  three decades, we have been told by others that we act like we're newlyweds. We've had the blessing of raising three children showering them all with love, however during challenging periods of their lives, we've always trusted that God would guide us through the tough times. Learning to be a loving wife and raising ourchildren has been a lifelong commitment focusing on instilling values, morals, and the importance of respect to others.  The secret to a successful relationship with your spouse is COMMITMENT and TRUST! Marriage has not proven to be an easy road, however leaning on God's help and nurturing our relationship during challenges has led us to success! I focus on helping couples learn how to manage perpetual conflicts through effective dialogue, accepting influence, turning towards one another, heal from past hurts, and understand each other's perspectives.

Susie Ibrahim
M.A. LMFT112761
Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist

My husband and I enjoy spending time together hiking, traveling, reading the Bible, volunteering, and engaging in social activities with friends and family members. Our family is based on a Christ centered life and have instilled our Lord Jesus Christ as the pillar of our relationships.


I specialize working with couples strengthening various aspects in your relationship to ensure a long lasting marriage using the Gottman Treatment Model as a Level 3 Gottman Trained Therapist. Assessments are provided for premarital counseling and focuses on creating a safe environment assisting couples to achieve your goals before your wedding date. In addition, there is an assessment for seasoned marriages available now that will help understand the underlying issues of your frustrations and unhappiness.

I work directly with individuals towards personal development and achieve their short-term and long-term goals. Helping people identify their strengths and implementing them in their daily lives is my top priority!

In my therapeutic approach, I utilize a client centered approach providing empathy, understanding, and authenticity helping people with personal and relationship growth without imposing my personal values. No matter what is disclosed in session, I am non-judgmental and you can trust that I will be with you throughout your journey.

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