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Get the Most From Therapy

  1. Choose the Right Therapist​​

    •  It is very important to ensure your therapist is the right fit for you​​. Ask questions!

      •  What type of therapy do you practice? ​

      • How will therapy help me with my problems?

      •  What will the treatment be like? 

    • Interview a couple therapists before starting sessions to ensure they can address your personal concerns 

  2. Be Open and Honest ​​

    • ​Counseling is most successful when the individual is able to open up and express their true feelings and emotions to the therapist. Hiding information or thoughts can halt the healing or success rate of therapy sessions. ​

  3. Be Consistent 

    • ​Therapy is most beneficial when attended consistently without too much space in between sessions. If cancelation occurs often or appointments are set too far apart, the healing and progress may suffer and be replaced with drifting. ​

  4. Practice What You Learn

    • ​Those who take their homework seriously are much more likely to see progress in their therapy than those who only think about techniques during the session. It is vital that you take the help received from therapy and apply to real life scenarios in order to see the benefits. ​

  5. ​​Trust the Process and Your Therapist 
    • ​​Some people who are attending their first therapy session ever may be skeptical of the process and try to tell the therapist how to help them. It is key to remember that it is the therapist's job to use their professional knowledge and experience to guide you in a way to better understand yourself and your specific situation.
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