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  • Are you finding it difficult to manage your responsibilities and obligations?

  • Is it difficult for you to get out of bed?  Do you experience angry outbursts and want to understand why?

  • Are you experiencing challenges in your life that seem too difficult to do alone?

  • Do you get stuck in negative thought cycles and don't know how to get away from them?

  • Are there times when you feel like just giving up on life because it's just too hard?

  • Are you constantly worried about things around you that you can't control?

You are not alone with feeling the way you do. It can be very frustrating when you find yourself stuck in an unhealthy cycle and not sure how to get out. Many people have similar experiences and can relate to what you are going through. You may find it frustrating when talking to a friend, family member, partner, or colleague and still feel misunderstood. You want someone to 'get it' and offer solutions that will help you feel better. Our skilled, knowledgeable, trained, professional therapists can be that person for you!


Who Am I? What is my purpose on Earth? Why did I just get mad at my partner when he/she didn't do anything to upset me? These may be common questions that lead you wanting to know yourself better. Our therapists provide powerful tools for personal growth, healing, and transformation. They provide a safe and confidential space where you can explore your thoughts and express your emotions and experiences with their guidance. They provide an opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, including personal strengths, patterns of your behaviors, and areas of growth.


​In the past, individuals did not appreciate the value of seeking counseling services for themselves. The thought of seeking mental health help was frowned upon and stigmatized with comments such as 'it's for crazy people'. Over time, the stigma of psychotherapy services has tremendously decreased as the benefits and positive outcomes have been highlighted. As time has evolved, individuals who seek therapy services are viewed through a different lens. When you are ready to participate in individual therapy, this is a sign of strength and self-care. You deserve to take time for you because YOU do matter and are important!


Our therapists help you identify troubling or unpleasant emotions, thoughts, or behaviors using a variety of treatment techniques including CBT and Holistic approaches. They provide a variety of strategies that you can use wherever you are experiencing difficulty getting out of bed or facing a challenging day.

Individual therapy is different from getting advice from family members, friends, and acquaintances. Our therapists do not impose their values or opinions onto to you. You are heard, validated, and understood! Imagine a place where you can feel safe to share your deepest and darkest secrets with someone who can offer support during your disclosure and not judge you! 

Our therapists will help you feel better and reach your full potential while healing from past hurts, traumas, and difficult relationships.






Possible Positive Outcomes from Therapy:

  • Improved sleeping and eating habits

  • Live your life with purpose and meaning

  • Increase positive and healthy social interactions and enjoy being around others

  • Have fun and experience real joy

  • Identify and incorporate your strengths in your daily life

  • Gain self-confidence and improve your self-esteem

  • Feel comfortable with your authentic self

  • Establish and adhere to healthy boundaries

  • Move away from toxicity and towards healthy relationships

  • Letting go of past hurts

  • Develop healthy emotional responses and reactions to situations and others

  • Embrace your inner self

  • Love and value your worth

Concerns and Fears surrounding individual therapy


You want to make sure that your therapist does not share your secrets with anyone else! There are some things you haven't told anyone, and you are afraid that if you begin to disclose your inner deep thoughts with someone you hardly know, you will be exposed. This is a common feeling and may elevate your anxiety levels. At Nurturing Connections Counseling, we take pride when we say that your secret is our secret that will be locked up and not shared with anyone else. We stay true to our confidentiality clause that indicates what is shared in session stays in session. However, there are limitations to our confidentiality clause pertaining to the safety of yourself as a client and to others. If anything is disclosed about child abuse, dependent or adult abuse, self-harm, or intent to harm others, those areas would need to be addressed and reported accordingly. Your safety and the safety of others is our highest priority. 


Great question! However, there is no magic number to how many sessions you may need. We treat every client and their situation uniquely, not a cookie cutter style. Our therapists follow your lead and pace. For some individuals, they may experience results quicker than others. This is not a race to get to the finish line. Your participation in and out of sessions will dictate the length of therapy required for you to achieve your goals. We are here for you and your journey. Some of your challenges may take a little longer to process and move forward than other situations. There are two types of conflicts: solvable and perpetual. The solvable conflicts are those with a simpler solution, however perpetual issues that you may find as reoccurring may take more time to resolve and identify best outcomes.


Everyone needs additional support when not speaking to their therapist. Our therapists will explore and help you identify who your support system is outside of session. It is important to develop a strong support system through your family, friends, spiritual guidance, or colleagues during difficult and challenging times. If you need to reach out to your therapist in between sessions for quick check-ins, that can be arranged directly with your therapist. If you are in crisis and need a check-in initiated by your therapist, that can also be arranged. You are not alone in your journey, and you will receive the appropriate support you deserve. 

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If you feel ready and have the strength to take care of yourself, please reach out to us by calling our office at 714-617-5955 or book an appointment below. Your therapist would love to meet you where you are at and go alongside your life journey to help you begin feeling better and living a happier life. Remember, taking care of yourself will help prepare you to continue taking care of others and your responsibilities. You deserve this because You are Enough!!


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