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Susie Ibrahim_Marissa De La Torre_Anahei
Susie Ibrahim
M.A. LMFT112761
Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist
Executive & Clinical Director



Choosing the right therapist to provide you with the support, tools, skills, and strategies is a very important step in your journey towards the healing, repairing, and recovery process in your committed relationship. I provide compassion, understanding, and empathy while working with relationships in distress. My approach when working with couples is to remain neutral by incorporating your "relationship" as my client. Our journey is to build a "sound relationship house" together by implementing Gottman's interventions within three separate systems: Friendship, Conflict Management, and Shared Meaning. If your relationship is experiencing challenges due to trauma, infidelity, addictions, poor communication, emotional and/or psychological distress, my emphasis will be to support both partners as they learn healthy techniques to create healthy dialogue interactions within perpetual conflicts. The objective of couples counseling is to assist each partner to feel heard, seen, and understood leading towards a happier and healthier intimate relationship. As an Orthodox Christian counselor, upon clients' request, I integrate Christian perspectives within the counseling process.














I specialize working with couples and focus on strengthening various aspects in a relationship to ensure a long-lasting marriage using the Gottman Treatment Model as a Level 3 Gottman Trained Therapist and various other interventions as seen fit for each unique couple.


Assessments are provided for premarital counseling creating a safe environment that assist couples in achieving their goals before their wedding date. In addition, there is an assessment for seasoned marriages available to assist couples in understanding the underlying issues of frustrations and disappointments.

I work directly with individuals towards personal development and achieving their short-term and long-term goals. Guiding individuals to identify strengths and integrating them into their daily lives is a primary priority!

In my therapeutic approach, I utilize a client centered approach providing empathy, understanding, and authenticity to assist clients with personal and relationship growth without imposing my own personal values. No matter what is disclosed in session, I am non-judgmental, and you can trust that I will be with you throughout your journey.

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