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Victim or Victor

Updated: Aug 23

What’s the difference between victim and victor? Understanding the difference may help you recognize times when you have experienced being a victim vs a victor.


  • Loses their voice

  • Curses themselves and others

  • Makes bad bargains

  • Feeds hatred

  • Remains in denial

  • Gets lost in blame

  • Isolates

  • Looks into reactivity

  • Normalizes panic

  • Stops thinking creatively

  • Organizes around anxiety

  • Pretends to know the future

  • Chooses distractions over solutions

  • Gets religious rather than spiritually grounded


  • Refocuses to doing a few things well

  • Refuses to curse self or others

  • Use their voice to accurately express their needs, perspectives, and experiences

  • Looks for God in the wilderness

  • Accepts transition

  • Connects with the rooted

  • Tell themselves the truth

  • Looks for creative solutions

  • Does not skimp on self-care

  • Predicts their own survival and thriving

  • Renews their first love

  • Rejects black & white (all good vs all bad) thinking

There is a little bit of victim and victor in us all. When have you most felt or behaved like a victim? When have you felt or behaved most like a victor?

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