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Are you feeling frustrated and tired of trying to communicate with your partner? Is it difficult to feel connected to your spouse? Do you feel like giving up?

I utilize a unique approach when working with couples identifying their relationship as my client. I am Gottman Level 3 trained and utilize effective interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory following the completion of the relationship assessment. If you are engaged or thinking about getting married soon, I use the SYMBIS assessment to help couples engage in conversations concerning various aspects of your current relationship and be ready for your life journey together as partners.

I strive to help couples recognize the areas that need improvement in their relationship and work together collaboratively to improve emotional and physical connection, gain understanding of different perspectives, and communicate effectively to decrease escalated arguments. I treat each couple equally and do not take sides. I work with each couple towards recognizing strengths and navigating their differences.

I am a Licensed Marriage Family therapist and an Argosy University graduate with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Nearly a decade, I have worked with assessing clients in marital and premarital relationships helping cultivate the best outcome. I volunteer in various churches providing marriage workshops to strengthen couples' relationships. I work with couples, families, and adult individuals utilizing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Gottman Method, and SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts). I enjoy working with couples and witnessing amazing results!! It is my passion to help partners communicate more effectively addressing their needs.


I volunteer in the Mental Health Youth programs at my Christian church focusing on helping young people answer the question of 'Who Am I?'. Weekly meetings are held in groups providing a safe space for youth members to feel comfortable sharing their challenges with identity and emotions surrounding their struggles.

I find peace and joy when I am outdoors embracing nature and especially love to hike. My favorite hiking site is Black Star Canyon because I love to boulder too!

I love CHOCOLATE, especially dark chocolate. It is my caffeine as I do not drink coffee - which puts me with the minority group. I cannot go a day without at least having one piece of chocolate - it is my vice and am proud of it. I am referred by others as a chocoholic and I can own it!

Struggling in Your Marriage

Nearly a Decade of Clinical Experience

My Life Outside of the Therapy Room

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