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Positive Experiences


My husband and I were looking for a Christian based counselor to help us get thru communication issues we we're having. Susie was a God send. We've done counseling before and enjoyed it, but Susie is another level of professional.

I loved how structured each session was. Susie was always prepared to have us talk thru something, there was always a game plan! She would give us a practical tool to help us do so to where we were able to effectively say how we felt while the other person listened, and roles would switch. My husband and I have used these tools any time there's conflict.

Susie modeled how to empathize with my spouse, which was helpful for me. I was able to vocalize what was upsetting me because she offered a safe space and asked me the important questions.

We would keep going to Susie forever if we weren't moving out of California. Invest in your marriage, in yourself! Oh and I was even able to bring my 14 month old when I couldn't get someone to watch him. She had age appropriate toys for him to play with too - that was wonderful!!!

One of the most professional and empathetic therapist I have ever met. She put everything into perspective for us and really helped guide us through some of the most challenging experiences of our lives. I'm beyond thankful for the time we devoted to diving deep with Susie; it truly saved our relationship and for that, I am forever grateful. We still use the techniques she taught us to this day. If we hadn't moved out-of-state, I'm sure we would still be seeing Susie regularly because the therapy sessions were so helpful for us in every aspect of our lives, even when dealing with day-to-day situations. If you're willing to open up and discover what's causing you so much distress in your life, and you're truly willing to change for the better, then Susie will help you get there. I can say that with 100% confidence, because she helped me accomplish that exact goal. I am so grateful for Susie and her professional practice!

I have been seeing Susie for almost 3 years now. She has always been very professional and insightful with all her approaches. She is very quick to respond and flexible in scheduling. She not only listens but provides various resources. She's always let me know that she's there whenever I need her. Thank you so much, Susie!

Susie was great, she helped my husband and I with some challenges we were having. She also had great book recommendations. I would definitely tell anyone who is looking for some guidance to give her a chance. If you are open to change and guidance she's definitely a great therapist. Thank you so much!

I was feeling a little frustrated with life and my friend told me about how she had a therapist named Susie. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I needed someone to talk to.
I'm so glad I called Susie. She's great... pleasant, easy to talk to and a great listener. I enjoyed my sessions with her.
I learned a lot. I have a little notebook of things I learned about myself and things I can do to deal with certain things. I have print outs so I can think through certain situations before making a decision. Lots of great tools I didn't have before.

Thank you, Susie. I think about you often and am using the things you taught me. xo

Susan is absolutely amazing! She knows how to reconnect couples and show them how to work through situations. I had been looking for someone to help my husband and I with our issues and we highly recommend her. She is very understanding and comes from a place of God which we really appreciated. We always look forward to our sessions with her because we always come out with a sense of closeness and being heard. If you are seeking couples counseling with someone who can help you and your spouse Susan is your person!

Susie has been a fantastic counselor. She is always warm and kind making you feel at ease. Her energy and commitment really shows why she is a great source for anyone who is looking for guidance. I highly recommend her for any type of counseling.

Finding Susie has been a blessing. I was dealing with some challenges that I needed help navigating. I found Susie to be very helpful in giving me the tools necessary to navigate through the difficulties.
There are people you meet who make your soul feel at ease, and Susie was that for me. She is friendly and very easy to open up to. Most importantly, she holds space for you while providing grace and understanding. There are also checks in place to make sure you are making progress, which I value.
Counseling is beneficial and should be a part of everyone's self care. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking guidance and counseling. Susie will help you help yourself. You have to do the work, and you can do the work. Susie has been life changing for me, and I am certain she will also be the same for you.

I came to Susie at the worse time of my life. I had a hardened heart and life changing decisions to make. She was such a great listener and really helped me navigate through my issues and ultimately helped ME make the best decision. Not once did she tell me what I needed to do or tried to sway me in a specific direction. She provided sound counsel and really had this peace about her. I am so grateful for Susie and the help she proved me. Should I ever need counseling again I will definitely return to her.
Thank you Susie for your counsel and your prayers!

For those looking for a great counselor, your search ends here. Susie has been nothing short of AMAZING. I used to believe therapy was a waste of money but boy was I wrong!


I've heard stories from a number of people saying they didn't have a great experience from counseling so I was pretty sceptical about going through with session 1. I dont even know what number session my wife and I are on as of now but we've been going strong.

I don't want to sound too corny but Susie has helped save my marriage. Hands down the best investment I've ever made. From multiple sessions a month to emergency sessions this has been a small price to pay for where my wife and I are at now. We are blessed to have found susie.

Susie- thank you over and over again. You truly are amazing at what you do. You once said if you could help just one person or couple "make it" you would be happy. Well, I'm telling you, you have helped me and K make it. I'm sure there will be many others.

I highly recommend Susie for couples counseling. She really helped my husband and I get through the issues that kept coming up. You have to be willing to put in the work though or else things won't change much. She makes you feel comfortable and gives you a lot of good tools to help guide you through what is causing the problems. We will definitely be going back to her for some check ins, in the future.

Susie is an awesome human being and a great counselor. she truly cares from the heart. She is an excellent listener, attentive and makes sure you are her focus. She plans ahead to make sure you have the best outcome as long as you listen and put in your work. She will support and guide you through your journey.

Susie is patient, understanding, a good listener always prepared. I didn't have high hopes for help with my situation, but Susie proved me wrong.

Can't thank Susie enough! She is a wonderful listener and does an amazing job guiding us through our problems.

I have known Susie personally for about 25 years. She is an amazing friend and person. She is empathetic and a great listener. Not only is she dependable and a great communicator, she is also a true Christian that practices what she preaches. I would highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!

Susie is a God send. When we came in I had very little hope that we would see an improvement. Seeking counseling was the one of the best investments we made for our family. Susie helped our family resolve problematic behaviors.  She also gave us tools to use at home. Our family highly recommends Susie you will not be disappointed.

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