Susie has been a fantastic counselor. She is always warm and kind making you feel at ease. Her energy and commitment really shows why she is a great source for anyone who is looking for guidance. I highly recommend her for any type of counseling.

I came to Susie at the worse time of my life. I had a hardened heart and life changing decisions to make. She was such a great listener and really helped me navigate through my issues and ultimately helped ME make the best decision. Not once did she tell me what I needed to do or tried to sway me in a specific direction. She provided sound counsel and really had this peace about her. I am so grateful for Susie and the help she proved me. Should I ever need counseling again I will definitely return to her.

Thank you Susie for your counsel and your prayers!

For those looking for a great counselor, your search ends here. Susie has been nothing short of AMAZING. I used to believe therapy was a waste of money but boy was I wrong!

I've heard stories from a number of people saying they didn't have a great experience from counseling so I was pretty sceptical about going through with session 1. I dont even know what number session my wife and I are on as of now but we've been going strong.

I don't want to sound too corny but Susie has helped save my marriage. Hands down the best investment I've ever made. From multiple sessions a month to emergency sessions this has been a small price to pay for where my wife and I are at now. We are blessed to have found susie.

Susie- thank you over and over again. You truly are amazing at what you do. You once said if you could help just one person or couple "make it" you would be happy. Well, I'm telling you, you have helped me and K make it. I'm sure there will be many others.

I highly recommend Susie for couples counseling. She really helped my husband and I get through the issues that kept coming up. You have to be willing to put in the work though or else things won't change much. She makes you feel comfortable and gives you a lot of good tools to help guide you through what is causing the problems. We will definitely be going back to her for some check ins, in the future.

Susie is an awesome human being and a great counselor. she truly cares from the heart. She is an excellent listener, attentive and makes sure you are her focus. She plans ahead to make sure you have the best outcome as long as you listen and put in your work. She will support and guide you through your journey.

Can't thank Susie enough! She is a wonderful listener and does an amazing job guiding us through our problems.

Susie is patient, understanding, a good listener always prepared. I didn't have high hopes for help with my situation, but Susie proved me wrong.

Susie is a God send. When we came in I had very little hope that we would see an improvement. Seeking counseling was the one of the best investments we made for our family. Susie helped our family resolve problematic behaviors.  She also gave us tools to use to home. Our family highly recommends Susie you will not be disappointed.

I have known Susie personally for about 25 years. She is an amazing friend and person. She is empathetic and a great listener. Not only is she dependable and a great communicator, she is also a true Christian that practices what she preaches. I would highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!

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